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Instrument Sales & Repair

Over 30 years experience building and repairing instruments of superior quality and design. I take great pride in delivering instruments which will give a lifetime of joy and satisfaction. I repair instruments of all types. In addition to repairing drums, guitars and string instruments, I specialize in repairing unusual and exotic instruments. 


Here is a list of custom-made instruments that I build:

  • Ngoni - a type of West Africa guitar harp.

  • Berimbau - a single-string percussion instrument, a musical bow.

  • Cajon - a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru now common in Flamenco music.

  • Frame drums - any drum with a head wider than its depth, it is one of the most common and culturally transcendent drums in the world.

  • Ocean drum - a drum that can produce soothing ocean sounds.

  • Dunduns - rope-tuned cylindrical drums with rawhide skin at both ends from West Africa.

  • Brekete - a closed double-headed cylindrical snare-drum traditionally from Ghana.

  • Mallets - also known as drum beaters. Different types of mallets are specialized for specific percussion instruments. 

  • Various percussion instruments and accessories

Below are some instruments that I have recently built and repaired. You can find my hand-made instruments available at my Etsy shop. I would love to create a custom, one-of-a-kind instrument just for you. Please contact me with any questions you have about instrument repairs and custom-made instruments. 

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