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What people are saying about their experience with Michael Kenny...

"Today was such a success! Our students truly enjoyed their time with Michael Kenny. It will be a learning experience that they will remember forever."

Emily Nelson
Special Education Teacher
Stevens Park Elementary School

"Not only is Michael a highly knowledgeable teacher but his passion for Rhythm Therapy is ever so evident in the way he works with his students."

Ryan Smith

"He captures the attention of his audience, keeps them working towards goals, and has a genuine compassion for the betterment of mankind. Michael is a peaceful soul and a gifted teacher and therapist with loads of clinical experience."

Anne Wick

Certified Music Therapist


DrumHeart on CUTV

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I am writing to you to let you know about my experience when participating in our Taketina group with Michael Kenny  here in Dallas, Texas. Since beginning this class last year, I have had profound results in terms of my life rhythm both personally and professionally. I am able to focus better, my anxiety is less provoked, and feel more relaxed when handling challenging situations. I am grateful for my newly found skills and finally experience happiness and a sense of calm in my life.

Grateful for this experience and to Michael for bringing me back to “my beat” “my rhythm “my dance.”

Dawn Rivera-Pettinari, LMSW BHCM/DFW

World drumming with Michael Kenny was an armchair tour through the music cultures of Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America by way of the drum. The nonlinear experience of poly-rhythmic drumming awakened auditory and tactile senses that my visual, left-brained mind never knew existed. I recommend this class to anyone seeking to: explore their creative potential, develop divergent thinking skills, and/or broaden their appreciation of percussion music.

Joely C. Rogers, M.A.

One of a kind teacher with a holistic view on personal development. Has accompanied me from beginner to accomplished musician, and has made me a better person through the process. If you are looking to put music into your life, life into your music, harmony of being, being in harmony for yourself, your children, your group or all of the above, I would highly recommend. Man of experience, attention and passion, and it shows!

B. Thiercelin

Michael is a great life coach and music therapist - he is authentic heart-felt and goal-oriented individual. I have taken TaKeTiNa rythm and music therapy workshops with him, and each session has given me a great value of understanding, development, and fun! He also often shares keyinsights that resonate both gratitude and wonder in my life. Thank you, Michael!

JD Villamizar

I appreciated his thoroughness and commitment to clients. He does a wonderful job guiding clients and helping them where they need it the most. He also provides for an enjoyable experience, and ensures that his clients know that their opinions and feelings are always valid. He is willing to explore client issues, no matter how seemingly insignificant, in order to help them better understand themselves and improve their quality of life. I highly recommend this business. The benefits to this experience are endless and you will not leave empty-handed.

Adria Flusche Acuña

We had Michael and his crew out for the Wild West Yoga Fest and we were floored by his set up. His wide array of instruments and shear numbers of drums ensured everyone could be included. His knowledge and instruction in leading the group is also top notch. It was an ecstatic day of drumming for all and I couldn't recommend him more!! we sure hope to have him back!

Lori William Klinger

Michael helped me find both my confidence and my voice. In only a few months, I went from only singing alone in the shower to actually leading groups of people in song. I also participated in groups where Michael led people in rhythm, singing, and drumming. He has a real gift for reaching even the most shy or non-musical person. He believes that everyone can drum and sing. He has the skills to find and develop the musician in anyone. I haven't yet had the chance to take private drum lessons from him, but when I can, I will do it with Michael. He has the unique gift of being able to teach music theory in many different ways - he was able to teach me in just a few minutes what others failed to do at all. He has an amazing natural ability to improvise as well as years of formal study and professional experience.

Marni M.

During my lessons, I've significantly improved in my guitar and singing performance. We worked on holding vowels differently in the mouth to project, and worked on overall strengthening the voice. Lessons were low-stress but still productive. His help with percussion and hand drums techniques in meditation programs and music therapy programs helped me grow personally and spiritually. I would absolutely recommend these lessons!

Joseph Henry

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