Multicultural Music

Fun, enriching programs for K-12 students!


  • Exposure to various world cultures
  • Educational areas include – geography, history, languages, math, and science
  • Exposure to ancient and traditional musical instruments from around the world
  • Sing and provide accompaniment for songs from many countries
  • Help students compose and perform their own song.

Description:  This program introduces students to music from countries and regions around the world, including Japan, Australia, France, and South America. Michael fascinates students with ancient and traditional instruments like the didgeridoo, conch shell, shofar, bells, and drums, as he traces the evolution and development of music through the ages. Students will learn to sing and provide accompaniment for songs from multiple countries, then participate in composing and performing their own original song.

No previous musical experience is necessary. All instruments provided.

Price – $150 for the 1st hour – $100 each additional hour

Contact to schedule a Multicultural Music Program