Didgeridoo Workshop – Learn how to play the didgeridoo! Participants will learn about the history, tradition and mythology of this Australian aboriginal instrument. Each participant will learn basic playing techniques and also make a didgeridoo to take home.

Price – $100 per person, includes all materials

Duration – 3 hours

Contact to schedule a Didgeridoo Workshop

Drum-Making Workshop – A wide variety of drum choices are available including Native American-style frame drums, African Dunduns and Djembes, etc. I can design a program suited to your specific interests and desires.

Price – Contact for individual and group pricing information

Duration – 90 minutes to a Multi-day workshop

Contact to schedule a Drum-Making Workshop

Mandala Shield Workshop – This is an experiential workshop. We will use meditation and visualization exercises to find a personalized design, from which we will create our own Mandala Shield with animal skin recycled from well-played drums. This is a green workshop using recycled and renewable materials!

Price – $100 per person, includes all materials.

Duration – 3 hours

Contact to schedule a Mandala Shield Workshop