DrumHeart Offers Music Therapy Services, Musical Programs, and Experiential Workshops:

Music Therapy Services – Michael Kenny, MMT is a board certified music therapist based in Dallas,Texas. He offers individual and group music therapy for all ages.

Transformational Improvisation – this workshop allows participants to experience the power of creative improvisational music in a group setting.

Sing Along with Guitar Music – a fun and engaging audience participation sing-a-long with live guitar music. Rhythm instruments are provided for an added element of excitement.

Multicultural Music Programs – Introduces students to music from countries and regions around the world, includingJapan,Australia,France, andSouth America.

Ceremonial Music Workshop – introduces participants to Tibetan singing bowls, conch and shell trumpets, didgeridoo, animal horns, rattles and drums, bells, wordless chanting.

Drum Rhythms Workshop – teaches participants a deeper understanding of building rhythms and rhythmic part playing. Suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced drummers.

Instrument-making Workshops – learn how to make Digeridoo, Native American-style frame drums, African Dunduns and Djembes, etc. Programs can be designed to suit your specific interests and desires.

Voice Workshops – voice workshops focusing on vocal harmonics and the actualizing power of chants and mantras.

Contact Michael for more information.