What people are saying about TaKeTiNa in DFW:

“I learn. And I love it! I appreciate the both of you for giving birth to a profound and beautiful vehicle for challenge and growth in a safe and nurturing environment. I thank you for opening yourselves and sharing knowledge, insight and vulnerability…for creating a mirror wherein we can look within and become aware of what’s been there all along.”  Sharon F

“For me Taketina is a vehicle for connection.  Connection with myself, connection with the rest of the circle, connection with the rhythm and its components, and connection with a deep internal peace.  Each week our group gets together is a uniqe experience.  I never know what will open up for me before I go, but I always know something will, and that some insight or transformation will occur.” Paul C

“I have been attending Taketina with Michael Kenny as the facilitator off and on for the past year.  I am a shy, introverted person by nature and have difficulty interacting in groups. I also have performance anxiety at times.  I feel that my experiences with Taketina have helped me “come out”, in a sense. I have become more comfortable in groups and less judgmental about my “performance”. Anyway, just wanted to share this and say thanks” Joely R

“I would really like to share with you are the positive changes I see in my life as a result of practicing Taketina with Michael:
1.  I’ve learned to lighten up a bit and experience childlike fun again!
2.  I am now able to laugh at my “mistakes” in Taketina and in life
3.  There is nothing I have experienced to date that gets me into the Present Moment, and keeps me there, like Taketina
4.  I have never felt my energetic body so intensely as when we are lying down after Taketina
5.  I am able to feel, and allow, rhythm to flow through me (that is, when I can get out of the way and allow it to BE!)”  Liz W

“The first session is one I still remember as I was deeply moved by a particular feeling, something I had never felt before. In a moment like a dream, during the chanting and dancing, I felt as if I was doing something ancestral, as if my body and soul knew 04-22-12-143725.jpgthis already from a far back experience, and I felt as if I was not just myself, but a timeless soul, constantly reincarnated, and at that moment i was one with my passed ancestors. It was I very unique feeling and it is still difficult to express what exactly I felt.” Ben T

“I have had profound results in terms of my life rhythm both personally and professionally. I am able to focus better, my anxiety is less provoked, and feel more relaxed when handling challenging situations. I am grateful for my newly found skills and finally experience happiness and a sense of calm in my life.   Grateful for this experience and to Michael for bringing me back to “my beat” “my rhythm “my dance.” Dawn R

 “ TKTN feeds the heart-soul-spirit which takes care of “everything else”… just connecting to a cosmic rhythm. ”  — Char de Sostoa

TaKeTiNa: Michael Kenny Talk about concentration and synchronization! This was an amazing immersion into a practice of staying centered, in tune and aware. I think if somebody masters this, they can glide through life with ease – knowing that whenever something throws you off for a moment, you can always bounce back, harmonize and get back on track. This was a totally cool and fun way to exercise focus, alertness and steady rhythm. Loved it!  –  Zuzzie K Philibin

“I am connected – I was able to let go of the need to have more people here – thank you for creating the space!” – David Tietje

“I can be still in chaos” – Leah Mistyreverse-Kim-Ashley-1

“Very cool, really enjoyed.  To surrender to the universe and realize my part in it” – Ashton Sauseda

“Enlightening of rhythm and movement and its soothing value and ability to ground your being.  Life has a rhythm which brings balance to the universe” – Natalie Townes

“Communication through rhythm.  Embrace the chaos! Comfort from the rhythm” – Sheryl Bateman

“My experience was uplifting, challenging to let go and experience the freeness of rhythm.  Let all of those things that anchor us to the life we live in earth and feel what is free flow.” – Julie Daniels

“Rich layered, food for every cell in my body, Nourishing to my being.  I feel better about being human!  I can be connected in community thru rhythm, voice + movement AND be in touch w/my inner pulse at the same time.” -Nancy Kern

“Very meditative – A thrill to connect with neighbors & Michael.  Learning to let go”. – Carolyn White

“Freeing.  Moving in the flow, connecting with voice.  Blending of self and community.  Thank you for coming! An amazing journey!” – Lori Donnahoe



“Beautiful.  Lying on floor & being surrounded by sound & vibration.” – Oksana Shanya Gensior

“Challenging.  Reminder that the people around you influence your experience.” – Heidi Jones

“Amazing.  I loved the sound of the drum, the other people dancing, the constant movement.  If you don’t get the step there is an unlimited times to try again.” – Cat Albers

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