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TaKeTiNa – Heaven Meets Earth Yoga Oct 12, 2012

very peaceful space

Thank you to Lisa at Heaven Meets Earth Yoga for hosting us for a 3-hour TaKeTiNa class at the studio!  It is a very beautiful studio with a really nice feel and vibe to it.  I loved the gong!

very peaceful space
Heaven Meets Earth Yoga Studio

James and Natalie Word and I traded roles in leading and playing surdo for this session.  As far as we know, the first TaKeTiNa to be offered in the Chicago area.  It was a nice session, and we got excellent feedback, all the participants wanted to know how to find out more about it, and when they could do more TaKeTiNa!  We may have to go back to Chicago again soon!

I loved that two of the participants bought copies of Reinhard Flatischler’s book “The Power of Rhythm – TAKETINA

Here is a link to the beautiful flier that James made


TaKeTiNa has been developed and refined for over 40 years. More info at

We will explore two “rhythm journeys,” using our bodies as instruments, to directly encounter the power of rhythm, music,  and movement.

No experience necessary. You will be gently guided through the process by expert facilitators.

About the facilitators:

James Word is the first TaKeTiNa teacher in the country to be trained at a senior level. He has over 7 years of training and more than 400 hours of facilitation experience, a degree in Psychology from the University of California Berkeley, and teaches the “Rhythm and Sound” course at The Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco.

Michael Kenny is a certified music therapist (MMT, MT-BC) and TaKeTiNa teacher. Michael plays a variety of instruments, and teaches and practices music therapy in the Dallas, Texas area. He provides a number of arts-in-education programs for schools, and is president of the non-profit Drums Not Guns.