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TaKeTiNa at the 2012 American Music Therapy Conference

an earthly emergence
an earthly emergence
Climbing out from a hole under a tree in an old-growth forest

What a wonderful experience it was to officially present TaKeTiNa with James Word of Rhythm in Action for the first time to a national music therapy conference.  Those attending the conference represent the entire music therapy community of  professionals, students, and related disciplines!  Truly, the winds of music therapy are changing and they are blowing up a musical storm!


This was held in St. Charles IL, at the Pheasant Run Resort on October 11, 2012 and was presented as a 5-hour CMTE continuing education course.


James came out from the San Francisco Bay area to lead the sessions, while I supported the process with the voice, surdo and ankle bells.  James’ wife Natalie participated as well by setting an example for the participants and strengthening and stabilizing the field by singing, stepping and clapping with the other participants!

Thanks so much to James and Natalie, for all the learning, the talks, sharing, and support!

The course description as published on the AMTA website reads:

“This workshop provides an experiential introduction to the process of TaKeTiNa, with a focus on the development of the TaKeTiNa process and its application in music education and therapy, instruments used, the teacher training process, and the multi-dimensional approach of music, movement, speech, visualization, polyrhythmic relationships, and visual arts. Benefits can include body-brain synchronization, simultaneous awareness of multiple channels of sensory input, increased internalization of poly-rhythmic relationships, and increased rhythmic stability. Participants will take part in gentle rhythmic movement, exploring multiple levels of rhythm in the body, as well as call and response singing. No instruments are needed since focus is on the activation of the body and voice.”