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TaKeTiNa DFW October 6, 2012

upcoming TaKeTiNa workshop Dallas
upcoming TaKeTiNa workshop Dallas
3-Hour TaKeTiNa Park Cities Yoga, Dallas, October 6, 2012, 11:30am-2:30pm

Upcoming TaKeTiNa workshop at P ark Cities Yoga, Dallas, TX

October 6, 11:30am-2:30pm details here:
upcoming TaKeTiNa workshop Dallas
3-Hour TaKeTiNa Park Cities Yoga, Dallas, October 6, 2012, 11:30am-2:30pm

TaKeTiNa has been described as “full body kirtan”.  “The Ta Ke Ti Na process is a path that empowers us to enter, experience, and internalize a state of mind where the consciousness of simultaneity enables us to cut through the illusion of polarity and create a new sense of wholeness. Through Ta Ke Ti Na, we are able to understand how chaos can be a creative power. Simultaneously experiencing several different rhythms anchored in our body movements opens new dimensions of our awareness. Ta Ke Ti Na invites us to listen to the ‘
“pulse of life.”
Find out more about TaKeTiNa here: and watch a video here:
What people are saying about TaKeTiNa in DFW:
“I learn. And I love it! I appreciate the both of you for giving birth to a profound and beautiful vehicle for challenge and growth in a safe and nurturing environment. I thank you for opening yourselves and sharing knowledge, insight and vulnerability…for creating a mirror wherein we can look within and become aware of what’s been there all along.”  Sharon F
“For me Taketina is a vehicle for connection.  Connection with myself, connection with the rest of the circle, connection with the rhythm and its components, and connection with a deep internal peace.  Each week our group gets together is a uniqe experience.  I never know what will open up for me before I go, but I always know something will, and that some insight or transformation will occur.” Paul C
“I have been attending Taketina with Michael Kenny as the facilitator off and on for the past year.
I am a shy, introverted person by nature and have difficulty interacting in groups. I also have performance anxiety at times.
I feel that my experiences with Taketina have helped me “come out”, in a sense. I have become more comfortable in groups and less judgmental about my “performance”. Anyway, just wanted to share this and say thanks” Joely R
“I would really like to share with you are the positive changes I see in my life as a result of practicing Taketina with Michael:
1.  I’ve learned to lighten up a bit and experience childlike fun again!
2.  I am now able to laugh at my “mistakes” in Taketina and in life
3.  There is nothing I have experienced to date that gets me into the Present Moment, and keeps me there, like Taketina
4.  I have never felt my energetic body so intensely as when we are lying down after Taketina
5.  I am able to feel, and allow, rhythm to flow through me (that is, when I can get out of the way and allow it to BE!)”  Liz W
“The first session is one I still remember as I was deeply moved by a particular feeling, something I had never felt before. In a moment like a dream, during the chanting and dancing, I felt as if I was doing something ancestral, as if my body and soul knew this already from a far back experience, and I felt as if I was not just myself, but a timeless soul, constantly reincarnated, and at that moment i was one with my passed ancestors. It was I very unique feeling and it is still difficult to express what exactly I felt.” Ben T
“I have had profound results in terms of my life rhythm both personally and professionally. I am able to focus better, my anxiety is less provoked, and feel more relaxed when handling challenging situations. I am grateful for my newly found skills and finally experience happiness and a sense of calm in my life.   Grateful for this experience and to Michael for bringing me back to “my beat” “my rhythm “my dance.” Dawn R
Hope you can join us!