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TaKeTiNa Teacher Training

Over the course of only 3 days experience a profound encounter with yourself through rhythm.
November 9-11, 2012 – Park Cities Yoga – DALLAS

Reinhard Flatischler, creator of TaKeTiNa, explains the process

What is TaKeTiNa? More information here!
Finally an opportunity to experience a sense of calm and stillness of mind.  Connect to a state of peace and relaxation, experience a deep release from stress and anxiety.  Learn how to connect with your inner rhythms, become more aware of your capacity to attain a sense of accomplishing what you need to do “in you own timing”.  Discover how music is at the core of your being and how by connecting with this music within can bring you happiness, balance, and a sense of connection to others.  Revealed!  The secret of understanding all music, movement, and dance, and how they are connected to every aspect of our daily living!  You are about to learn about learning, and as importantly, how you learn, and how to learn!  Learn that mistakes are opportunities to grow and find new solutions to old problems.  Learn to accept failure as a part of the process for going more deeply into any type of learning situation.

Nov 9-11, 2012 DALLAS
3-Day or Friday night only
Park Cities Yoga

Are you tired of feeling stressed out by all the demands on your time and attention?  Are you fed up with being anxious about the future or lamenting over the past?  Are you ready to let go of the feeling of never having enough time?

Reinhard Flatischler, The Power of Rhythm

Learn how to be in the moment, accept that you are in your own timing, be in control of your own learning, eliminate stress and anxiety, and reconnect deeply with yourself. Imagine finding a center point of stillness that you can return to whenever you want, letting go of fears, anxiety, stress, judgement, and stagnation.  Stimulate your creativity so that you can change your life, deepen your relationship with yourself, and improve your relationships with others.


Michael leading TaKeTiNa at Dallas Meditation Center



“I was deeply moved by a particular feeling, something I had never felt before. In a moment like a dream, during the chanting and dancing, I felt as if I was doing something ancestral, as if my body and soul knew this already from a far back experience, and I felt as if I was not just myself, but a timeless soul, constantly reincarnated, and at that moment i was one with my passed ancestors.” Ben T.

“I have had profound results in terms of my life rhythm both personally and professionally. I am able to focus better, my anxiety is less provoked, and feel more relaxed when handling challenging situations. I am grateful for my newly found skills and finally experience happiness and a sense of calm in my life.  Grateful for this experience and to Michael for bringing me back to “my beat” “my rhythm “my dance.” Dawn R

“I have been most fortunate to have experienced TaKeTiNa through Michael Kenny in the Dallas, Texas area. I’d never heard of it until he invited me to attend the practice group. Being curious and knowing Michael’s depth, trustworthiness, and expertise in other subject areas, I agreed to go. What an adventure! I had no idea of the treasures I was going to uncover–and am still uncovering! I’ve been on a journey for the last 15 years to “know” myself– and to love, accept, rework or release, and honor whatever I find, because all of it makes me who I am.  The TaKeTiNa experience is showing me not only how far I’ve come, but it shines a light into areas I didn’t even know were there!” Sharon F

Nov 9-11, 2012 DALLAS
3-Day or Friday night only
Park Cities Yoga

What TaKeTiNa has meant to me:

From the very first time I got my hands on a copy of Reinhard Flatischler’s book “The Forgotten Power of Rhythm” in 1996, I knew I was looking at something that was going to change my life.  Over the next several years TaKeTiNa moved occasionally across my radar but never in a way or at a time that I was able to attend.  Then in 2008 I saw that Zorina Wolf was leading a 3-day workshop in Austin, TX.  I had to go!  It was like coming home, like finding the sweet nectar of the flower of music.  Since I had gone into music therapy and dedicated my life to studying, teaching, and practicing the art and science of using music as a healing modality, this was just what I was looking for.  After that 3-Day workshop, I eagerly signed up for the 3-year TaKeTiNa basic teacher certification training.  Through the course of this intensive and challenging process I learned more about the inner workings of my mind, my connections and lack thereof between my mind and body, and my inner relationship with myself than I had ever encountered before.  My friends tell me I am more tolerant, calm, and centered as a result of my TaKeTiNa training, and I tell them that is only the tip of the iceberg!


Michael Kenny, MMT, MT-BC, is now the only certified TaKeTiNa teacher in Texas.  He is a music therapist, educator, and performer based in Dallas,Texas.  Michael has both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music therapy.  He has provided music therapy for Dallas, Garland, and Cedar Hill schools, taught world rhythms at Richland College, and works as a private therapist with many populations. He plays a wide variety of instruments and provides arts-in-education programs and teaches, leads drum circles and rhythm events in the Dallas area and beyond, and is president of the non-profit Drums Not Guns.  Michael has over 15 years of experience as a music therapist, and brings a sense of healing, sacredness, and wellness to every musical experience.

TaKeTiNa Teacher Training