Music as a Healing Force –  My Personal Journey

Music is an elemental force in this world; it is a change agent, like water or fire. To experience music is to experience transformation on all levels of being. The external transformation is visible – swaying, tapping your feet, dancing and singing. In perfect harmony with the external, deep internal transformation is occurring within our very atoms themselves.

My own personal journey with music began at my grandmother’s piano. I experimented with the trumpet, saxophone, and bass guitar throughout childhood and adolescence, but didn’t begin a formal, focused study of music until enteringMarywoodCollege’s undergraduate program in music therapy in my late twenties.

The choice to pursue music therapy as a career and passion was the result of a series of startlingly profound healing experiences with music and drumming coupled with the tutelage of a master percussionist named Jacky Craissac. I was pursuing music as healing art long before I discovered that this pursuit had a name – Music Therapy.

The name DrumHeart pays partial homage to Craissac, who taught more than just technique, he taught self-mastery and self-knowledge through the drum. In addition, the percussion family are instruments that are immediately accessible to all. Everyone can have an experience and connection on the drum even if you’ve never played. No other instrument is like that.

My lifelong journey to understand and utilize music as a healing force continues today with my TaKeTiNa teacher training. TaKeTiNa is a physical practice of rhythm that induces deep, intrapersonal healing and change. In TaKeTiNa we fall in and out of rhythm, just like we fall in and out of balance in life. But if we can find our way back to the pulse, the deep internal drum of our spirit, we can reconnect and seamlessly ride this great cosmic rhythm we call Life.

Breathe Peace…Drum the Heart…
Sing and Dance as if Life Depends on it! – Michael Kenny